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Village of Diamond Village Board met October 8

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Nov 20, 2019


Village of Diamond Village Board met Oct. 8.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Proceedings, transactions and resolution made and order of said record of said Board in the Village of Diamond, IL on the 8th Day of October 2019.

The scheduled meeting of the Diamond Village Board was held on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. with Mayor Teresa “Terry” Kernc presiding. Upon roll call Commissioners present were Denise Brown, Jeff Kasher and Dave Warner. Mark Adair-Absent.

Approval of Minutes

MOTION was made by Commissioner Kasher, SECOND by Commissioner Brown to approve the 09/24/2019 regular meeting minutes and place on file. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Approval of October 8, 2019 Bill List

MOTION was made by Commissioner Brown, SECOND by Commissioner Warner to approve the October 8, 2019 bill list and place it on file. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Approval of September 2019 Treasurer’s Report

MOTION was made by Commissioner Brown, SECOND by Commissioner Kasher to approve the September 2019 Treasurer’s Report and place it on file. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Public Comment


New Business

Keenan Bigg; Community Turkey Dinner

Keenan Bigg addressed the board to have permission to spearhead the event starting next year. Bigg discussed his experience with non-profit organizations and has numerous ideas for the event however would need the village to share the cost for the first year or so until the donations and fundraising efforts would cover the startup cost for each year. Mayor Kernc feels the startup amount would be replaced by the monies raised by donations and fundraising efforts which would pay for the following years event. Bigg would like permission to come back and present to the board his plan of action. Commissioner Kasher stated it is a worthy cause and he would like to hear more from Bigg with regards to his action plan. The new businesses coming into Diamond have expressed a desire to participate in local events as well. Bigg feels that within several years, this would be a self-sustaining event. Account/CPA Janet Brown recommended to Bigg to reach out to the companies/organizations etc. before the end of the year since most organizations budget for those funds in their yearly budgets. If that money is not budgeted, the companies won’t be able to donate for the dinner. Bigg appreciated the board’s time and the opportunity to move forward and will be back to present his plan to the board.

Janet Brown; Presentation of Fiscal Audit

Janet Brown discussed audit. Brown stated all expenditures were controlled and in order. After Brown’s presentation, MOTION was made by Commissioner Brown, SECOND by Commissioner Warner to accept the Fiscal Audit as written. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Approve Additional Travel Expense for Mayor Kernc for IML Conference

MOTION was made by Commissioner Brown, SECOND by Commissioner Kasher to approve additional night and parking for the IML Conference in the amount of $338.46. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Approve October 31, 2019 Halloween Trick or Treat Hours 4:00pm-7:00pm

Mayor Kernc stated 4:00pm-7:00pm are the trick or treat hours the village schedules each year. MOTION was made by Commissioner Warner, SECOND by Commissioner Kasher to approve the October 31, 2019 Halloween Trick or Treat hours from 4:00pm-7:00pm. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Discuss and Approve Promfest-Festival of Trees Donation

Mayor Kernc stated she thinks this is a great way to keep kids safe after Prom. Commissioner Warner did agree that it is a great after prom activity however, as a taxing body who takes money from residents by force not by choice because it is law, it is not within our right to decide to give it to something that makes us feel better. If the residents themselves want to donate and feel it is a worthwhile cause, they can give of their own funds. Warner feels as a taxing body, it is not responsible for the village to take taxpayer’s money and give it to charities. That is a personal choice, not a government choice. Commissioner Kasher agrees there are many worthwhile causes and to be equitable, not to give to any of them. Kasher added, we do give back to the community with the summer kick off celebration and the annual Christmas Lighting Ceremony. Warner stated and those events go directly back to the village residents. Commissioner Brown agreed with Commissioners Warner and Kasher.

Discuss and Approve Coaler Yearbook Advertisement

Commissioner Warner stated this is more complicated since this is advertisement for the village. Mayor Kernc stated we have purchased in the past, usually a small business card size. Commissioner Brown stated not to advertise. Commissioner’s Kasher and Warner agreed not to purchase a yearbook advertisement.

Discuss Backyard Chicken Restrictions

Mayor Kernc stated the village received a complaint pertaining to the owning of chickens in a residential area. It was confirmed that the residents did own chickens. Pictures of the chicken coop were presented. Kernc stated we are here to decide whether to allow chickens in town. A letter was written by the owner of the chickens and articles stating the benefits of owning chickens was distributed. Since the initial contact, another resident reached out to Kernc stating she has chickens too. Kernc did research and obtained information from numerous towns on their ordinances and restrictions pertaining to backyard chickens and coops allowed. Kernc compiled the information and presented it to the board. Discussion of number of chickens (hens only) allowed, coops and runs, licensing, locations and many other topics were extensively deliberated on. Village Attorney John Gallo will create an ordinance for the board to act upon regarding this topic at a November board meeting.

Discuss WWTP Policy for Manning Future Critical Events/Floods

Mayor Kernc stated approximately 2 weeks before the recent flood event, there were two events at the WWTP regarding flooding and water detection alarms. Kernc had a meeting with Public Works Director Austin Vining, Water/Sewer Operator Josh Bdzusek and Chris Perra from TEST Inc.

discussing the float detection for the sump and how she did not feel this was enough protection/detection for the plant. Kernc was assured that all would be reprogrammed, and it would work appropriately. Two weeks later, with the 8 inches of rainfall the area received, the WWTP was flooded with 7 feet of sewage. The incident took out 3 motors and all the electrical switches. Commissioner Warner stated a water detection device was to be installed and was discussed at the prior board meeting. Kernc stated she is not happy and stated the next 2 events that is forecasted for heavy rainfall, she expects the plant to be overseen 24/7. To pay overtime will actually save money compared to replacing motors, switches and the cleanup of 7 feet of sewage. Kernc had Village Clerk Holmes, arrange for a quote for cameras to be installed to have availability to check on the Huber room at any given moment. She wants constant eyes on the plant. Holmes arranged an appointment with D & I Electronics which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Consideration of Diamond Master Stormwater Management Plan/Purchase Detention/Northside of Il Route 113

Mayor Kernc discussed the flooding issue on the north side of IL Route 113 with a resident on Hugh St. Following her discussion, she designed a plan and sent it to the village engineer to review. Kernc presented her preliminary plan which would include the purchase of property for detention then slowly release the water into the Claypool following a major rainfall event. Kernc stated the village needs detention in order to control flooding. This plan would need to be studied by Chamlin and Associates to verify this is a viable plan and if so, Kernc would like to submit it to the Grundy County Natural Hazard Migration Plan. This would allow the village to apply for possible grant funding for the project. The board agreed to have Chamlin review the plan.

Village position regulating residents refusing to repair leaks to their service line

Village Clerk Holmes stated there was a resident who had a service line leak. They were not quick to repair since it was before the meter, however, this is treated water which is entering the ground and needed repair. Village Attorney John Gallo stated there is an ordinance which addresses this in Chapter 52.02 (F)(6). The question for the board is, how many days should the village give the resident to repair the line. This topic will be continued until investigation into the Property Maintenance Code is completed.

Storm Water Complaint-Diamond Ridge

Kernc stated there was an issue approximately 8 years ago when it would rain, there was flooding in the subdivision. There is an issue with the subdivision behind Diamond Ridge which is on the Coal City village side. The developer did address the issue many years ago and installed a pipe for drainage, however more houses have been built since the initial time. The residents have asked for a berm to be created, but the developer refuses to do so but says he will extend the drainage pipe. This subject will be discussed with Village Engineer Mike Perry and follow-up with Skaggs, the developer.

Discuss and Approve Proposal for Installation of ADA Handicap Operator on Village Hall Doors

Kernc stated it is extremely difficult for elderly and disabled people to open the 2 front doors at the village hall. Proposals were presented from 2 business for the installation of an ADA Handicap Operator on both doors. Both quotes require the village to provide the electric hook up to both doors. Wunderlich Doors Inc. proposed a bid of $7,133.33 and Atlas Door quoted a bid of $8,596. Commissioner Kasher stated we should not be charged retail sales tax therefore, it would make Wunderlich’s bid $6,666.66. MOTION was made by Commissioner Warner, SECOND by Commissioner Kasher to approve the proposal for the installation of ADA openers at the village hall not to exceed, $7,133.33. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

Old Business

Grundy and Will County Sheriff’s Monthly Update

Mayor Kernc stated she received the Grundy County report and there was nothing out of the ordinary to report.

Approve Mark Orr Concrete Proposal

This item was passed.

Legal Counsel

No Report

Engineer Updates


Maintenance Updates


Clerk Updates

No Report

Commissioner Comments Commissioner Kasher

No Report

Commissioner Brown

Commissioner Brown stated she received a call from the state regarding the winning bid for the street salt. Compass Materials won the contract at the cost of $99.56 per ton.

Commissioner Warner

No Report

Commissioner Adair


Mayor Kernc

Kernc stated Clark St. is taking the impact from the big concrete trucks and construction trucks for the Morris Hospital construction. Chamlin Engineering is going to reach out the Morris Hospital to discuss the paving of the road. Kernc presented an IGA with Grundy County for Grundy County Property Maintenance Inspection and Services. Kernc stated this will be a benefit to the village for inspection purposes within the village to enforce building codes and violations.


MOTION was made to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m. by Commissioner Kasher, SECOND by Commissioner Warner. All Ayes; Motion Carried.

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